RMS (Route Management Services) is a South African company that was formed to manage incident risk caused by any destructive or unwarranted event on behalf of the insurer and insured alike.

We offer full fleet and vehicle, risk and incident support, evaluation, management and reporting through our unique Incident Management Systems, advanced technology and 24/7 operations team.

Our variety of full-service products have been developed to optimise your fleet management locally and across borders.


RMS Assist

Let RMS help you run your transporting business efficiently.



Our unique, state-of-the-art Incident Management Systems have been developed in South Africa by the RMS team. With extensive experience in the trucking and logistics industry, we take pride in the fact that our products include full-service fleet management hardware, software and support that exceed all competitors.


With more than 36 truck accidents a day on South African roads, RMS offers you as the insurer piece-of-mind by reducing downtime and submitting full, comprehensive incident reports, guiding your claims and saving money for you and your insurance company. Ask us how our products have benefitted our clients over the years.


RMS does not only provide user-friendly tools to communicate, manage and track your fleet, we offer a full risk management support team to assist with optimising your fleet’s performance, risk and incident management.


RMS has a comprehensive database of nominated and approved service providers, who all follow the thorough reporting and incident management guidelines established by our experienced team.


SINCE 2009

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Incident Risk Management

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Mechanical Roadside Assistance

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24 Hour Operations

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Advanced Monitoring & Tracking

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History & Profiling

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Pre-Approved Service Providers

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Route Planning & Advice

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Supply of Imagery


The RMS I-Cab Camera Technology has become an integral part of our day to day operational management. We are managing various aspects regarding driver behaviour on a full-time basis with this system to great effect resulting in a significant reduction in incidents. It has also proven to strengthen the trust between Management and our Drivers.


Friedel Kirstein - Nyati Cross Border Director

In my experience iCab brings relieve in the fact that we can check in with our drivers and see what is
happening. It has also greatly assisted us with their wages and we use travel report daily.

iCab has assisted us with so many cases and we can’t imagine life without it anymore.


Willie Visser - Vicinage Transport (PTY) Ltd Director

Since the fitment of the I-Cab systems to certain of our long distance vehicles we can proudly say that our on-road accidents
and incidents have dramatically reduced by at least 85 %.

No more funny excuses from drivers being innocent and being bumped by other road
users or especially at toll gates or on a busy road.

On more than 4 occasions where we have had severe and fatal accidents, we were proved
innocent in court and the 3rd party was responsible for costs plus excess.

E. Van Rensburg - Multiloads Director

With the multitude of tracking and camera systems on offer and evolving daily we highly recommend RMS/ICAB for their professional service as experienced by them monitoring of our fleet 24/7.

We have achieved many accident-free years due to the value offered by RMS team and the feedback given via the ICAB system which has constantly been improving over time. Driver behaviour has improved, Fatigue managed, and speed monitoring
amongst other benefits has reduced our maintenance cost and improved our efficiencies.
We are confident in assuring you that using RMS/ICAB would add value to your
business whilst reducing risk and cost at the same time.

Cooban Moodley - The Right Mix Director

RMS has completely changed the way that we manage risk in our business. The quality of their service and product offering not only contribute to more effective fleet management but also resulted in peace of mind.

They are Big Brother who watch, record and manage when we can’t!

De Wet Dercksen - CR Visser Transport Operations Director
Tons moved on South African roads
truckloads travelling per day
Kilometres travelled per month in SA
1000 +
Truck Incidents reported per month