RMS Assist provides transporters with a full range of incident management products and services, beyond anything that is currently available on the market.

Our dedicated and highly trained team of developers & support staff work together to reduce risk with the focus of benefitting the transporter by all ways and means.

Having a user-friendly, yet sophisticated product offering, RMS Assist benefits both the transporter and insurer alike, as we skillfully manage and monitor all trucking incidents locally and across borders.

We pride ourselves with the most effective digital management system and a countrywide network of selected service providers.



RMS has developed a unique Incident Management System that allows us to take charge and deploy our nominated and approved service providers to an accident scene, where we constantly monitor and co-ordinate all activities on scene. All the work processes and instructions that are carried out by the service providers, on scene, are closely monitored and documented by the RMS operations centre. This system allows RMS to offer an on-scene accident investigation and reconstruction, supported by all documents and activities recorded which we then provide in the form of a comprehensive case file. An accident incident can thus be efficiently concluded, through our management and assistance.


The RMS system houses the most recognised towing and recovery organisations in the country and cross border. With this multitude of specialist at a touch of a button we are able to successfully assist our clients with all their truck and trailer recovery needs, keeping costs and time frames closely in mind.


RMS has focused their efforts on providing our transport clients with a total service package, that will not only take care of the assets, but also the valuable cargo too. The unique RMS Incident Management System carries teams of hazardous and non-hazardous clean up operations that can be summoned to attend to cargo, that has been effected by an accident incident. Whether it be a load shift or a totally load recovery, our teams are ready to take the on the tasks, including repacking and salvaging as much as possible, to minimize the loss and overall cost of the incident.


Using our unique RMS incident management system we are able identify and deploy numerous response teams and authorities immediately to the location of a hi-jacked vehicle. With state-of-the-art technology and systems we are able to react and deploy the closest teams at a moments notice including client requested notifications. RMS continues to identify and mark high-risk areas, which are provided to our clients on a regular basis.


The RMS national and cross border network of mechanical service providers allows us to assist our transport clients with all mechanical failures alongside the road. The mechanical assistance organisations, housed on our unique system, carry most of the necessary parts and accessories to attend to common mechanical failures on the road.


The RMS system allows us to nominate and dispatch one or more of the many heavy- and light-towing organistations, to any immobilised vehicle or incident situation. These service providers are pre-approved and carefully selected to form part of our unique response systems.


The RMS system houses thousands of security organisations that can be dispatched to a high risk incident involving person, vehicle and cargo. This unique system allows us to deploy the very best security personal to secure any risk situation that could lead to loss or damage.


The RMS software system allows us to monitor between routes to nominated destinations with pin point accuracy identifying and informing the client of all potential risk areas and hot zones. Driver directions and advice, as well as service provider and location information are readily available.


The staff and management that form part of the RMS have many years of experience in the transport and incident management processes and systems, this allows us to offer some sound and valuable advice when it comes to assessments of transport management systems and processes that are not operation effectively. RMS offers advice and recommendations that allow the client to make the necessary adjustments to improve their present transport processes and systems.


Part of an ongoing effort to keep the clients informed of events and processes that play a role in their day to day transport businesses, the RMS team sends out a monthly newsletter to each of their clients along with information available on our website. With our unique client web interface we are able to empower the client to remain constantly informed and aware.


The key factor that allows RMS to do a comprehensive cost assessment of all supplier invoices pertaining to work carried out at incident scenes is the fact that we completely manage and co-ordinate the entire event. All supplier invoices are carefully scrutinised and compared with the real-time facts documented in our case files. This is the most cost effective, cost saving process of its kind.


The RMS team is constantly working at systems that can better the management of transport operations and their processes. It is with this accumulated data and information that we are able to partner with the transport client in an effort to offer advice and recommendations to assist the client to better manage his fleet and transport processes.


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