Route Management Services has focused their efforts on providing a total service package.
    31 May


    The RMS I-Cab Camera Technology has become an integral part of our day to day operational management. We are managing various aspects regarding driver behaviour on a full-time basis with this system to great effect resulting in a significant reduction in incidents. It has also proven to strengthen the trust between Management and our Drivers.


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    31 May


    Since the fitment of the I-Cab systems to certain of our long distance vehicles we can proudly say that our on-road accidents
    and incidents have dramatically reduced by at least 85 %.

    No more funny excuses from drivers being innocent and being bumped by other road
    users or especially at toll gates or on a busy road.

    On more than 4 occasions where we have had severe and fatal accidents, we were proved
    innocent in court and the 3rd party was responsible for costs plus excess.

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    31 May

    CR Visser

    RMS has completely changed the way that we manage risk in our business. The quality of their service and product offering not only contribute to more effective fleet management but also resulted in peace of mind.

    They are Big Brother who watch, record and manage when we can’t!

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